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Alteryx is a leading data analytics and business intelligence platform that enables organizations to make data-driven decisions. With its powerful data preparation, blending, and visualization capabilities, Alteryx is the perfect tool for data analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence professionals. At its core, Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that allows users to easily connect to a wide range of data sources, clean and prepare data, perform advanced analytics, and create interactive visualizations. It has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to use, even for those without a background in programming or statistics.

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One of the key benefits of Alteryx is its ability to perform data blending, which allows users to combine data from multiple sources and seamlessly blend it together for analysis. This eliminates the need for manual data preparation, saving time and effort. Additionally, Alteryx has an extensive library of pre-built tools and connectors, so users can easily access the data they need. The Alteryx platform also comes with advanced analytics capabilities that allow users to perform predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and spatial analysis, among other things. With Alteryx, you can quickly gain insights and make informed decisions based on your data.

Alteryx Designer Course Outline:

Alteryx Designer - Introduction:

From this section, you will get an overview of the Alteryx course. And also, you will learn the following fundamental concepts.

  • Understanding Alteryx Designer.
  • Alteryx Designer Interface.
  • User and Workflow Settings.
Alteryx Designer:

In the Alteryx Designer section, you will learn how to provide a single platform that lets you rapidly process large volumes of data without writing any code. Also, you will learn how to leverage multiple tools to pull together all the relevant data you need for your analytics.

  • Tool Palettes
  • Configuration
  • Favorite Palettes
  • Workflow Canvas
Restructuring the data/Data Processing:

In this session, you will learn how to extract, filter, transform, group, cleanse, and join the data across various sources using Alteryx Designer.

  • Split data, skip records, use a record as field headings.
  • Pivot and unpivot data and trim and split fields.
  • Input Data
  • Dynamic Rename
  • Text to columns
  • Transpose
Join Data from Different Sources:

In this section, you will learn how to join two tables from the same database, and you will view the output in the form of pivot tables in the excel sheet using the following features.

  • Filter
  • Summarize
  • Browse
  • Union
  • Join Multiple
  • Input Data
  • Formula
  • Join
  • Output Data
  • Generate Row
Join and Data Blend:

In this chapter, you will get an overview of Alteryx tools like sample, filter, select, sort, and more.

  • Input data
  • Unique
  • Select
  • Union
  • Formula
  • Browse
  • Fuzzy Match
  • Join
  • Filter
  • Auto Field
Handling Data:

In this section, you will learn how to handle the appended, missing, and skipped data in the Alteryx tool.

  • Impute Values
  • Data Cleansing
  • Formula
  • Append Field
  • Random Sample
  • Unique
  • Running tool
Parse Data with Regex:

In this section, you will learn the uses of Regex tools in Alteryx, such as matching, parsing, tokenizing, and replacing.

  • Regex tool
Database Connections:

In this session, you’ll learn how to enable the blending and analysis against large sets of data without moving the data out of a database. Also, you’ll gain knowledge of traditional approaches that require data to be moved out of the database into a separate environment for processing.

  • Join In-DB
  • Data Stream In
  • Data Stream Out
  • Select In-DB
  • Connect In-DB
  • Filter In-DB
  • Formula In-DB
  • Summarize In-DB
Analytical App:

In this chapter, you will learn how to create an Alteryx analytic application so that end-users can run a workflow published to the Alteryx Gallery without Alteryx Designer.

  • List Box
  • Numeric UpDown
  • Check Box
  • Control Parameter
  • Action
  • Image
  • File Browse
  • Radio Button

In this session, you’ll learn how to create a macro that will run through every record and then loop the records back through the workflow.

  • Create standard macro
  • Batch macro
  • Macro Input
  • Macro Output
  • Dynamic Rename
  • Dynamic Input
  • Control Parameter
  • Action
Create Static Reporting:

In this chapter, you will learn how to create static reports, including maps, charts, and texts.

  • Table
  • Charts
  • Layout
  • Datetime Now
  • Email
  • Sort
  • Render
  • Resort map
  • ReportText
  • Image
Spatial Analysis:

In this session, you will learn how to make business decisions using geospatial data and analyze the data to optimize the transportation and logistics, sales territories, or coverage area to deliver powerful results.

  • Create Points
  • Spatial Match
  • Find Nearest
  • Trade area
  • Distance
  • Special info
Alteryx Gallery:

In this session, you will learn how to work with the Alteryx Gallery.

  • Publish workflows to Alteryx Gallery from Designer
  • Make workflows public
  • Update or replace the workflows
  • Create collections
  • Share workflows and collections
  • Run workflows / apps from the gallery
Schedule Workflows on Gallery:

In this session, you will learn how to schedule workflows on Gallery.

  • Understanding the scheduler on gallery
  • Configure the workflows schedules and maintain the workflows
  • Change the frequency of workflow schedules
Error Handling and optimisation:

In this session, you will understand how to handle the issues and optimising the workflows for better performance.

  • Understanding the runtime Logs
  • Understanding the Performance profiling
Case study and Challenges:
Alteryx Designer Core Certification:

Remember that this is a detailed outline and can be adjusted based on the duration of the course, the depth of coverage desired for each topic, and the level of expertise of the participants. Additionally, as technology evolves, new tools and practices might emerge, so it’s essential to keep the course content up-to-date to reflect the latest trends and best practices.

Can You Get a Job with a Alteryx Certification?

Obtaining a Alteryx certification demonstrates your competency and understanding of the tool. It shows that you have the skills to work with data, perform data blending, and generate valuable insights using Alteryx.

Employers often look for tangible evidence of your skills and knowledge. A certification is a formal validation of your expertise, making you a more credible candidate.

In a competitive job market, having a certification sets you apart from other candidates who may not have formal recognition of their Alteryx skills.

Learning Objectives:

Master Alteryx with the expert-led training with real-life projects.

Get hands-on experience with 20+ industry related cases studies.

Mock exam and interviews.

Mentors from Top Global Product companies.

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Course Features:

Course Duration - 45 Hours

Levels - All Levels

Language - English

1000+ Students

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