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IT Consulting

The first offering of Flair Technologies is looking and listening; observing and understanding.

If you are a small to medium sized company, identifying the right staffing solutions for your organization is crucial to the success of your business. Our cross-industry consulting services help you to build strategies, solving problems to the extent of producing results, expert work done on behalf of a client, project planning and launching across the organization. The first offering of Flair Technologies is looking and listening; observing and understanding. Our consultants appreciate the situation and the environment in order to forecast the opportunities and risks.

So, seeking our services will benefit you on all counts. Get in touch with us to leverage our expertise in formulating the right outsourcing solution for you.

Our Consulting portfolio includes:

  • Business Analysis
  • Process Consultancy
  • Technology Consultancy
  • Data Visualization
  • Software quality assurance and testing

Our Consulting portfolio includes:

We have a flexible engagement model that gives you access to the broadest range of Recruiting and staffing services available

Our Consulting portfolio includes:

Our Permanent and Direct Hire services leverage the breadth of our HR experience to assess, attract and appoint the best talent. Corporations rely on permanent hires to grow and replenish their resources internally as well as for project-based work. This is because an organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. We have developed several effective strategies to connect you to the most talented professionals by adopting a methodical process in staffing.

Flair Technologies offers flexible, effective and short/long-term contract staffing solutions for those companies seeking to access talent with specialized skills only on an as-needed or project basis. Flair Technologies has a contractual staffing model in place where it helps you to acquire the proficiency needed for the precise time frame of a particular job and save money & manpower resources. If your projects need immediate resources, count on us for quality, quick time line, with no employee-related costs.

Our screening policies are well defined and mature and our experience in current technologies gives us an understanding of the complex, varied consulting needs of our clients. Want to have a hard working and talented employee? Well, you can rely on us. Each and every candidate that we select for you has to go through a long screening process to ensure that the candidate is fit for the position and can perform well.

Temporary staffing solutions at Flair Technologies are customized to meet specific client needs. Short-term projects require highly specialized skills and benefit from an infusion of the latest technical abilities. In the same way, we do care for the candidates and help them getting a better placement with good package.

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