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The course covers the loading and transforming of source data, the building of a tabular data model that provides a collection of related tables of data offering common hierarchies and measures used in the day to day Analytics of business data and performance, the creation of reports, the publishing of datasets and reports to Power BI, the creation of Dashboards presenting key visualizations for Business insights, and the sharing of Dashboards and Reports to those that need them.

Power BI employs the functionality of Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View behind the scenes so if you have used any of these add-ins from within Excel you may have met some Power Bi features and tools already.

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Power BI is a cloud based data analysis, which can be used for reporting and data analysis from wide range of data source. Power BI is simple and user friendly enough that business analysts and power users can work with it and get benefits of it. On the other hand Power BI is powerful and mature enough that can be used in enterprise systems by BI developers for complex data mash-up and modelling scenarios.

Microsoft Power BI Course Outline:

Configuration and Connections:
  • Introduction of Power BI
  • Installation Steps
  • Power BI Working Architecture
  • Connecting to Different Databases (SQL Server, Excel, One Drive)
  • Comparison with other BI Tools
  • Direct Vs Import Connections
  • Tiles, Page, Report, Dashboard
  • Different types of charts and Usage
  • Create visuals
  • Format visuals
  • Custom Visuals from the Gallery
  • Format Page
  • Filters
  • Interactions
  • Groups
  • Hierarchy
  • Drill up and Drill down
  • Drill through
  • Parameters
Power Query:
  • Creating Front end Tables
  • Data Cleansing (Replace, Trim, Clean, Split Columns, Merge Columns)
  • Data Transformation (Pivot, Unpivot, Transpose, group by)
  • Merge Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Creating the columns
  • Applied Steps maintenance (Advanced Query Editor)
Power Pivot:
  • Dimension Tables
  • Fact Tables
  • Cardinality Relationships
  • Star Schema Creation
  • Active Relationship & Inactive Relationships
  • Page Navigations
  • Book Marks
  • Sync Slicers
  • Custom Tooltips
  • Q&A
  • Create Column
  • Create Measure
  • Date and time functions
  • Filter functions
  • Logical functions
  • Aggregate functions
  • Text functions
  • Variable usage in DAX
  • Role-based Security
Power BI Service:
  • Power BI License Types
  • Workspace Creation
  • Report Publish
  • Gateway Installation & Configuration
  • Schedule Refresh
  • Sharing Reports & Providing access to Business Users
  • Dashboard Creation
  • Power BI Apps Creation
  • Table Creation, Insert, Update, Delete data, Select
  • Clause Operations (Where, Group by, Having, Order by)
  • Operators (IN, LIKE, ISNULL, Union)
  • Joins
  • Sub Queries (Inner Query & Outer Query)
  • Data Modeling using SQL
  • Views Creation
  • Analytical Functions (Rank, Dense_Rank, Partition by)

Remember that this is a detailed outline and can be adjusted based on the duration of the course, the depth of coverage desired for each topic, and the level of expertise of the participants. Additionally, as technology evolves, new tools and practices might emerge, so it’s essential to keep the course content up-to-date to reflect the latest trends and best practices.

Can You Get a Job with a Power BI Certification?

Being an excellent cloud-based tool for data visualization, Power BI has become a favorite tool of the business world and is never going to dip in the near future. Moreover, it is a product of Microsoft which has already launched several products that are ruling the market globally. Employers often look for tangible evidence of your skills and knowledge. A certification is a formal validation of your expertise, making you a more credible candidate.

In a competitive job market, having a certification sets you apart from other candidates who may not have formal recognition of their Power BI skills.

Learning Objectives:

Master Power BI with the expert-led training with real-life projects.

Get hands-on experience with 20+ industry related cases studies.

Mock exam and interviews.

Mentors from Top Global Product companies.

Guaranteed job support for freshers and professionals to start a great career in BI technologies.

Get authorized and industry-recognized Power BI certification after course completion.

A Portfolio of Real-world Projects.

Course Features:

Course Duration - 45 Hours

Levels - All Levels

Language - English

1000+ Students

Full lifetime access

Job Assistance

Mentor Support

Who can Take this Course ?

College Students those are interested to pursue their career as a BI Developer can take this program. This Program will help you get hired with attractive salary package after completing your college. This is the right time for you to utilize & learn as many skills that will help you in hiring as well as to get attractive salary.

This program will help you switch from your current domain to a Power BI. We had seen a huge number of working professional took this program & got amazing hikes, switched from boring jobs to a Power BI and even got 100% hike from their current salary.

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